How to Differentiate Yourself in Sales

If you fail to differentiate, you are selling as much for the competition as you are for yourself. Luckily for you, there are easy ways to differentiate yourself and pull ahead of the rest of the pack. One sales training tip that is a game-changer for many is the comparison principle. Essentially, people decide by […]

Persuasion Lessons Gleaned From Stephen Covey

People see things differently. The image below was used by Stephen Covey in a keynote address to approximately 200 attendees. Prior to showing this image, half the room was shown an image of a young, attractive, sophisticated lady and the other half shown an older, unattractive woman. Both the younger lady and the older woman […]

How To Win A Business Meeting in 3 Easy Steps

Starting new business relationships, cold-calling, trying to get an appointment, and figuring out what to do during that appointment are the most stressful, disliked, and avoided parts of selling. That’s because they’re difficult. The key is that if you offer and deliver a perceived value, you will get the meeting you need. From there, you […]

4 Steps to a Persuasive Sales Presentation

The problem with most sales proposals is that they serve merely to convey data. The objective of every sales presentation is to persuade. Selling is about one thing: moving people’s emotions – and facts alone don’t do that. The presentation must do that, and YOU, the presenter, are the presentation! Here are the four steps […]

Building Rapport: 9 Tips for Persuasive Selling

If your objective is to really connect with someone and leave them feeling good about your relationship, here are some powerful persuasive selling tips that will help you build rapport. Remember, your intent is much more important than your technique. In fact, not being too polished is usually interpreted as being genuine. So use your […]