Sales Training

This live, two-day sales training workshop and subsequent weekly accountability sessions ensure that your entire sales force is on the same boat and rowing in the same direction, utilizing the customized tools we provide.

1.) It’s Right for You If:

  1. You need to develop your sales force into consistently acquiring new business… and give them the customized process to hunt new clients.
  2. You need a clearly defined segmentation process… and the means to consistently move prospects down the sales funnel.
  3. All the other sales trainings you’ve tried have been great at the outset and then promptly forgotten or abandoned as soon as your sales representatives go back to work.
  4. Your salespeople need increased clarity, confidence, and vision.

2.) How It’s Delivered:

  • We onboard in detail each representative and customize integrated prospect messaging campaigns, capabilities briefings, and proposal templates for the salesforce to use.
  • In a half day session with the leadership team, we define exactly the path needed to ensure success.
  • In a live, 2-day sales training workshop, we illustrate the ideal sales process complete with the customized tools to exercise that process.
  • In 12 weekly virtual accountability sessions, we track the usage of the tools and monitoring of the set goals, and we troubleshoot any issues that arise in achieving them.

3.) What You Gain:

  1. A sharply defined vision, clear direction, and supporting measurable goals.
  2. Powerful mindset breakthroughs and shifts.
  3. An up-leveling of your Leadership platform to create more influence.
  4. Advanced strategies, ideas, and concepts to help you develop your people.
  5. The Leadership skills and strategic thinking you’ll need for continued growth.
  6. Organizational structure and a methodology for coaching.
  7. The additional customized input you need to reach your goals.
  8. A highly targeted strategy for new business and existing account development.