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I went into Jim’s class expecting he reads us another Power Point. Wow! Was I wrong! Jim’s energetic, fun approach to sales training was amazing! Everything we did was hands-on, real world situations in today’s market! The confidence he instilled in me to effectively communicate with prospects was exactly what I needed. I would highly recommend Jim McBrayer for any Sales Training needs!

Steve Broberg, Axalta

I've attended many Sales training courses and gained lots of good information, but what I learned in Jim's training is practical and repeatable, that you can use in being successful in moving your target towards a closed deal. The follow up huddle calls help get you comfortable in dealing with everyday scenarios that we face in sales calls. This class is one of the most practical and applicable courses I've had the privilege of attending. I thank my employer (Axalta) for allowing me to attend Jim's course. It is well worth the time and money. 

Randy Thompson, Axalta

The training you provided was very concise and compelling. You gave me and my organization simple, yet effective, methodologies that have already started to produce results far better than what we were doing before attending your class. The 12 week follow up is another bonus. It has helped us cement the new and improved processes into a part of our ongoing sales effort. I would highly recommend this session for any other distributors that are serious about gaining market share.

John Gemperline, Jobbers ASAP

Thank you so much for the amazing and memorable training and visit. It was a great all-round experience from the training to the location. Putting it all together and implementing what we learned will definitely help with the key wins we all need.

Tony McQuillan, the TED Group

I enjoyed and learned a lot at the Axalta Power of Persuasion class. The key for me is to keep pushing myself (out of my comfort zone) to use what you have taught us. Yesterday I used the persuasion cards to shift the conversation away from cost/price. After the presentation, I asked the prospect what he thought of the cards, and he was impressed how they showed what their true priorities are. He was surprised how many topics are more important that cost. Homerun! I have enjoyed connecting with other sales people that were at the class to game plan prospecting. 

Bill Backstrom, LKQ

I learned was how to properly ask questions and to follow up the answer with another question, because the answer may mean something different to you as it does to them.

Justin Bridges, Axalta

One of the best things about your sales class was your knowledge of doing what you are teaching. You can see by your success that your sales techniques work. What was very interesting about what I learned in your class when applied on the streets was, it takes the pressure off of you and the customer. What I mean by that is, the customer doesn’t fell like he is being sold a bag of goods and as a sales person, you're going in with a game plan, and when accomplished it brings a great sense of reward.

Tim Kouneski, AutoPlus

I learned a lot out of your class: the card game was really cool to use on customers and get their feedback. Also the funnel technique, go through the steps to get you to the bottom of the funnel... just don’t go and eat the marshmallow. And remember, it could take 1-12 or more attempts to secure a call. Don’t give up.

Randy Craig, Axalta

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Our group coaching sessions have helped me be able to apply other peoples experiences to real life situations of my own. All together it has been a great experience and I plan to use my new skills in growing my pipeline in the future!"

Levi Gebhardt

I have learned that there are many different ways to look at situations and arrive at a solution that is beneficial for all parties. Stressing the importance of teamwork to my client has helped me gain their trust by assuring them that we are in this together and are looking for solutions that will not only provide solutions, but benefit everyone involved. Before the program, I just saw myself as an estimator/project manager. I now realize that I am really more of a salesman.

Rob Racer

I have only been doing this a year and it still feels new from time to time. I definitely feel more confident talking to customers after doing the 1 on 1’s and you giving me helpful advice.

Eliot Fischer

I was retrained to slow down and ask more questions before trying to jump into pricing. With asking more questions, there’s normally more to the story than what’s on top of the pie.

The other thing that has been very helpful is asking for strategic introductions. I don’t know that I’ve ever asked a customer for leads for other companies that do similar work or similar interests in over 20 years of sales. I just thought it’d be out of place. Jim’s training has made me feel comfortable enough that it’s just like asking for something to drink when you’re thirsty.

John Hobbs

“...After investigating several outside training firms, we selected Jim because he provided a fresh and creative approach to help our employees learning new sales techniques to win clients and business in a consistent manner... the Power of Persuasion training modules have helped improve my employee's ability to compete by providing a consistent and repeatable approach to winning business...” See the full recommendation letter

Gary T Staub

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Sterling Payment Technologies

“We were looking for help in developing a structured process for initiating and then closing new target accounts. After talking to Jim and looking over the prepared literature on his program on persuasion we felt that it would help our sales team focus and close, with more regularity, new account opportunities. By exposing Jim and his program to our team they have adopted much of the program techniques and disciplines as their day to day approach to going after and closing new accounts. By using consistent and repeatable actions, along with regular follow-up for accountability, team interaction for sharing of ideas, and recording of measurable advancement through the process- we developed a successful, repeatable path for our team to accomplish this goal. Most important to us was getting our team to think about and accept a different/new approach to what was an already successful sales team effort. Jim stayed with it as they came to see that we needed a new more focused approach with emphasis on “closing the deal”. A little uncomfortable at first, followed by more and more understanding, and finally the realization of the programs benefits and supported by the successes that followed. (Now a part of our DNA). We would and have recommended this program to other distributors in our industry. (Our PPG Forum group members).”

Keith Bumgarner

Principle, Ohio Auto Kolor

“Working with Jim has been a true pleasure, our veteran sales force needed the extra added skill for new business development that the Program on Persuasion provided. We were referred to Jim from a friend and after consulting with us on our need he delivered the program solution as designed. Our Sales Team all commented that Jim’s approach was genuine and made them more effective at once. The weekly accountability call was huge and was another unique great feature of service after the presentation.Our experience with Jim was great and I would highly recommend the Program on Persuasion for any sales team at any level of experience.”

Todd Bohon

President of Power Tool Company, Johnson City, TN

“We chose Program on Persuasion because it digs into the psychology behind selling and the corresponding emotional triggers to win the sell – we are very happy with the performance results achieved. Our goal is to be more than sales people by providing additional value through solutions and consulting – Program on Persuasion showed us how.”

Alan Craighead

Director of Sales Excellence, LKQ Corp.

“Feedback from the team was that your presentation and role-playing were the best they ever had been a part of. We look forward to more REAL training in the future.”

Steve Carillo

Regional Sales Manager, PPG

“Since we implemented the sales techniques learned through Program on Persuasion our sales are up 15%. In these economic times we need to take advantage of every opportunity out there to close a deal. By applying what was learned our growth has increased so would recommend this program to any/all sales teams!”

Fred Chapman

Owner, Baker Paint

This training was the shot in the arm we needed, we now have an edge over our competition. We landed the largest contract in our 20+ year history using what we learned”

Terry Mathison

“The only word to describe Jim McBreyer’s training course is WOW! Jim’s credibility as a successful executive enabled him to quickly develop a rapport with our sales team was complemented his engaging speaking style. Some of the team with 25+ years experience said “Program on Persuasion was the best training they’ve ever experienced.” Jim’s follow-up with each of the team members is one of the program’s most important features that differentiators from other training courses while ensuring ongoing sales success.”

Dean Worley

“We doubled our sales one year after we went through the training. Like most, we were reluctant to set aside the time to train, but we are so much better off that we did.”

Andy Robbins

“It’s all about results and we certainly achieved them with this Sales Training. In a relatively flat market we increased our sales 26% the first year after utilizing this program and 30% the second year.”

Chris Dunn

“After attending Jim's 2 day training class and utilizing the information and techniques taught I have been able to stay focused on scheduling more appointments as well as learning how to build relationships quicker. Over 20 years in sale no one ever taught me how to successfully have a meeting. My meetings now have a plan that really works. It really feels that I now have an unfair advantage. Also works well with your spouse.”

Joe Farro

Certified Mortgage Planner, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.

“It’s all about results and we certainly achieved them with this Sales Training. In a relatively flat market we increased our sales 26% the first year after utilizing this program and 30% the second year.”

Chris Dunn

“The reps are reporting that they are leveraging sales techniques that they have never used before and . . . it's working!”

Paul Sawyer

Senior Vice President, Miller Paint Company

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