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Sales Training

This live, two-day sales training workshop and subsequent weekly accountability sessions ensure that your entire sales force is on the same boat and rowing in the same direction, utilizing the customized tools we provide.

One-on-One Coaching

Develop key mindsets and behaviors through personalized coaching sessions. Your people upskill by sharply defining their professional vision, creating measurable goals to support their clear direction, and utilizing their coach’s direct input for strategizing new business and developing existing accounts. We keep them in the Zone.

I help entrepreneurs and their leadership teams solve root problems, lead more effectively, and gain Traction® in their businesses through a simple, proven operating system: the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, or EOS®.

We don’t like to brag . . . But if there was ever a time, now would probably be it!

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Maximize Profits By Seamlessly Blending Field & Virtual Sales

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What’s Your Sales Performance Gap?

The Right Fit

With the recent, necessary shift from field sales to virtual sales, many sales executives are trying to right-size their operation. Most sales directors consider slashing reps and adding geography, but there are many more variables to consider, as well.

The Sales Director has to weigh not only the individual’s cognitive strengths, but their conative style. Though it is absolutely critical to capitalize on each rep’s strengths, sales directors also have to intentionally supplement each rep’s shortcomings. Each leader has to be intentional with the reorganization and consider elements of their reps’ personality they have never before noticed, or even known were there.

Deliver a Seamless New Client Journey

Until now, true field sales representatives met their prospects and clients face to face. Now, reps must transition, a high percentage of their visits, to virtual meetings.

Even the slightest error in virtual meetings can cause an amplified distraction. People just don’t interact the same way in a virtual medium as they do face-to-face. Lack of preparedness and the inherent informality of virtual meetings can strain the business relationship, as well. Virtual meetings require a whole new skill set to deliver a seamless client experience.

Retention: Increase Lifetime Value of a Customer

The first objective of every sales force should be 100% retention. In an environment of social distancing, it’s more important and more difficult than ever for the seller to stay connected.

Field sales professionals spend a lifetime influencing face-to-face. Now, they have to learn how to transition from field sales to virtual sales--and fast. Even when the new safety measures are slowly phased out, there will be a new normal. This shift to virtual sales is not temporary, and it makes honing virtual selling skills absolutely necessary.

Market Intelligence

Executives do not have a window into the sales representatives’ actual sales conversations. Though reps may report their feedback, they could be wrong. After all, by definition, if a rep has a blind spot, how can they tell you about it? They don’t know what they don’t know.

If directors could hear actual sales conversations, not only would they learn the difference in the revealed behavior of their reps versus their stated behavior, but they could see the disparities and teach how to fix them. Lifting the curtain to show revealed versus stated market intelligence would eliminate all guessing and turn that data into a gold mine.


Our online program is our entry-level program and is perfect for quick starters and follow through on task. In addition, our online program is required for all of our other programs as it serves as the tool box. Sellers can review aspects of the program when they need help with retention. Also, for select industries we have customized the tools specifically for their vertical.

Private Seller

Our Accelerator program includes the online program but also provides personalized coaching and mentoring for 6 months. This program is for if you desire to take your performance to the top 3% in your industry.

Sales Leader

Our Executive Coaching program is perfect for the High-Potential manager that needs special attention because they are overwhelmed with getting it all done. This is an investment in your key people to provide the them the mind-set, coaching methodology, and one thing your organization cannot do for them yourself . . . be an outsider. We are the manager’s agent. They will talk to us about issues they think would be perceived as weakness internally.

Group Training

Eliminate inconsistent sales performance once and for all.  When you feel like you need rainmakers, but have customer-service on wheels.  This is our corporate program that will yield you significant ROI on the sales calls your people are currently making.

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