4 Tactics to Help Buyers Qualify You

  When sellers like you first meet a prospect, the prospect qualifies you. The prospect judges in the beginning whether they like you, and whether you are credible. Program on Persuasion’s corporate sales training teaches four triggers to help navigate a prospect through the top of the sales funnel. Using these four tactics, you can […]

7 Questions on How to Establish Credibility

Why Should Sellers Establish Credibility through Education? When you first meet with a prospect, usually their fear of you is high, and your credibility with them is low. That doesn’t mean that they distrust you, necessarily. It means you have yet to earn their trust. It’s much like the first time you needed to borrow […]

4 Reasons You Need to Invest in Sales Training

After giving a physics exam to a graduate class, professor Albert Einstein was asked if the exam was the same exam he gave last year. “Word for word”, stated Einstein. The inquirer was concerned about cheating and pressed Einstein on how he could give the exact same exam two years in a row. “Because”, Einstein said, […]

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