7 Simple Ways to Differentiate & Validate Your Solution

Because buyers are hardwired to make decisions by directly comparing their options, Program on Persuasion’s corporate sales training teaches how to position your solution as their best solution. We do this by segmenting this stage of the sales funnel into two steps, differentiation and validation. The seller’s responsibility at this stage in the business relationship […]

2 Simple Questions to Actually Transform Prospects into Buyers

In the Middle of the Sales Funnel, the Discovery phase, sellers help contacts assess their current situations. Once we have established ourselves as a think-partner and shared our intelligence during the beginning stages of the business relationship, we have earned the right to ask questions. Program on Persuasion’s corporate sales training has identified two types of […]

How to Craft an Awesome Business Proposal

Selling is about moving the buyers’ emotions. Appealing to emotions has everything to do with telling your story in the form of a proposal. The proposal is the Third Tool of Persuasion, and we use it at the Bottom of the Sales Funnel. Every presentation wants to persuade its audience to take action, even though […]

How to Boost Buyer Urgency in 2 Simple Questions

It’s not enough for the seller to see that they have a problem. They have to also realize that the problem is serious, and that it needs to be fixed immediately. This post shows how to develop that urgency without jeopardizing the business relationship: we develop urgency by simply asking the right questions. Program on […]

How to Win in the First Business Meeting

Before the buying process begins, the business relationship should focus on providing the customer with a think-partner. Program on Persuasion’s corporate sales training shows sellers like you how to create relevant rapport, deliver the promised value, and establish our credibility. Until we actually meet the buyers, we won’t know exactly what aspects interest them, but […]

How to Persuade Prospects into Emotional Decisions

   Author John Gardner once said, “Most ailing organizations have developed a functional blindness to their own defects.” The reason these organizations are suffering is not because they can’t resolve their own problems, but because they can’t see their problems. What organizations need is an expert who can see their defects and show the company’s […]

Can I Make Prospects Decide with their Emotions?

In the words of John Gardner, “Most ailing organization have developed a functional blindness to their own defects. They are not suffering because they cannot resolve their own problems, but because they cannot SEE their problems.” In other words, organizations need an expert like you to identify their defects. Without you, those organizations won’t know […]