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Why Should Sellers Bother Generating Preference?

If you and your buyer have entered into the Bottom of the Predictive Sales Funnel™, that means that you have already established yourself as a think-partner, and you’ve created urgency around their problem area. At this stage, the buyer may be actually asking you to help. It feels like your work here is basically done. […]

How to Achieve Your Most Crucial Sales Goals

Every sales person wants to make more money and increase their sales. In this post, Program on Persuasion’s corporate sales training applies the Emotional Cycle of Change to achieving crucial sales goals in particular, including how to anticipate the most difficult stages of the change and actually achieve your desired results.

Why is the Sales Funnel So Important to Master?

To guide buyers in making decisions, the seller needs to understand why buyers make the decisions that they make. In order to understand why buyers are making their decisions, we need to understand at what process in the buying journey the prospect is located. The post details the important factors Program on Persuasion’s corporate sales training […]

How to Actually Become the Most Powerful Type of Seller

When buyers were asked what aspect of a seller was most important, they overwhelmingly voted on the sales person’s competency. That means that the unattainable triangle—the one that represented product, service, and price—has become almost obsolete. All three of those aspects are important, but among overall options, across the board those three criteria just weren’t […]

3 Important Phases of Buying That You Need to Know

When buyers evaluate their businesses, they identify aspects that need improvement. Usually, they notice problems that need resolving or opportunities that should be realized. Because of these evaluations, sellers do not control the flow of information: buyers have that power. With the shift in knowledge, the buying process changed dramatically. Now, buyers engage with salespeople […]