5 Persuasive Body Language Techniques


There are three Vs of communication:

  1. Verbal: the actual words we use.
  2. Vocal: the tone, inflection, volume and elimination of filler words.
  3. Visual: the visual aids we employ.

The most powerful and persuasive of these Vs is the Visual. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

We process images much quicker than words. Therefore, if you use a visual, your audience will understand with just one glance. Pictures, demonstrations and props help convey our message accurately and memorably.

Body Language

The most effective visual you can bring to a persuasive conversation is your body language. Here are five persuasive body language techniques:

1. Genuinely smile when greeting a client.

An authentic smile is the most universally-powerful and positive gesture. It says you are relaxed, happy, and glad to be in someone’s company; plus it puts you in a great mental state.

2. Maintain consistent eye-contact.

Eye contact, an appropriate head nod and the raising of the eyebrows affirm that you are actively engaged and understand your client.

3. Defy gravity.

When delivering your message, any movements that defy gravity (i.e. raising of your arms or raising up on your toes) help you exude confidence and express that you are positively excited.

4. Talk with your hands.

People want to see your hands. Although it is usually non-conscious, people put a strong measure of trust in whether our hands are saying the same thing as our words. Palms-up is a pleading posture or supplication (begging) for others to believe. On the other hand, palms-down when emphasizing a point is perceived as demonstrating more confidence in your position.

5. Our torso is the billboard of our body language.

When we are open with the front of our bodies, it sends the message that we are transparent with our intentions. Closing off our torso or turning our back on someone, as the saying goes, comes from the actual gesture and can be one of the most disrespectul and non-supportive postures we can take.


People remember more of what they see than what they read or hear, so make sure you’re using persuasive body language techniques to ensure your message is received.

Not only will these gestures help you instill confidence in your prospects, it will allow you to more easily develop trusting relationships with them.