4 Persuasive Triggers for a First Sales Appointment


Are you deliberate and tactical during your first sales appointment with a new buying influencer? There are specific behaviors that world-class salespeople utilize to make them more persuasive during their first visit. Have you thought about what you intentionally do to make yourself more persuasive?What is your objective on this first encounter? It should be to establish trust. Without trust you will not have the ability to delve into the prospect’s real issues (in order to create urgency). Remember that the definition of trust is the ability to create likeability (character) and credibility (competency). These should be your strategic objectives during your first call.

Persuasive Triggers

Now that we have identified the target as being likeable and credible, the question remains: How will you do it? Here are four behaviors that trigger compliance and move emotion!

1. Recognize Shared Similarites

We like people that are like us, that share our values, backgrounds, or common cause . . . this is our comfort zone. Seek out and talk about common interest whether business or social. You want to make sure that the other person is dealing with someone they can identify with.

2. Declare Your Intent

Be open and honest. Don’t make people guess at your agenda, speak it plainly. Being transparent with your intent builds credibility.

3. Appeal to the Visual

A picture is worth a thousand words. We process images much quicker than words, so make sure you use pictures, demonstrations and props to help convey your message accurately and memorably. Your own body language says more about you than anything you can say and the most powerful gesture you can make is a smile.

4. Teach Something Valuable

When someone feels like we are trying to sell them something (either a product or simply an idea) we break rapport with them. However, when we teach them something of value, we actually build rapport.


First sales appointments can be great opportunities to establish trust, convey likeability and credibility, and build rapport with a prospect. Don’t let this first impression go to waste; start strong!