1.) It’s Right for You If:

a. You are successful in sales but believe you are not living up to your potential.
b.  You want to create consistency, predictability, and momentum.
c.  You want to move fast but at your own pace.
d.  You know that it’s time to get access to what the experts know.
e.  You appreciate the value of high-caliber, sophisticated selling expertise.
f.  You are self-disciplined and work well independently implementing from a plan.

2.) How It’s Delivered:

a.   State of the Art Digital Platform.
b.   5 Modules with a total of 17 Lessons.
c.   Multi-camera 4K resolution custom-motion graphics Video.
d.   Digital Workbook to create the pieces to the puzzle as your progress.
e.   Transcripts for each Lesson.
f.   Resource Vault containing the Primary Selling Tools.
g.  MP3 Audio.

3.) What You Gain:

a.  Clear understanding of how buyers make the decision to engage with you.
b.  Strategic shift in how to land new customers.
c.   Mapped out process to create your customized Selling Tools.
d.  A highly targeted named account strategy.
e.  Tactical integrated prospect messaging campaign.
f.   Advanced 1st-Meeting strategy to differentiate and re-frame buyer prejudices.
g.  Instruction to map out questions to help buyers gain insights to change.
h.  Advanced strategies to package your offers to pre-empt objections.

4.) Cost is $2,000 / OR 3 Installments of $700 each