1.) It’s Right for You If:

a.  You are successful in sales but believe you are not living up to your potential.
b.  You want to perform in the top 3% of your profession.
c.  You want to create consistency, predictability, and momentum.
d.  You have an even bigger vision for yourself and your career.
e.  You’re ready to propel forward at a highly accelerated pace.
f.  You know that it’s time to get customized support through strategic consulting.
g.  You appreciate the value of high-caliber, sophisticated selling expertise.
h.  You’re at a place where you need personalized attention and specific guidance appropriate for someone        at your level.
i.  You consistently take action, and want a trusted sounding board by your side.

2.) How It’s Delivered:

a.   6 months of direct support from Jim.
b.   360° Deep-Dive Assessment.
c.   Thorough in-take process.
d.  Private kick-off call with Jim.
e.  6 private, 45-minute strategy calls with Jim.
f.   4 as-needed, private, 15-minute calls with Jim.
g.  Direct email access to Jim.
h.  All the benefits of STRATEGIC SALES SYSTEM™.

3.) What You Gain:

a.  A sharply defined vision, clear direction, and supporting measurable goals.
Powerful mindset breakthroughs and shifts.
Mapped out 90-day action plans broken down into actionable steps.
Support in packaging your offers.
Advanced strategies, ideas, and concepts to help you differentiate.
The additional customized input you need to reach your goals.
A highly targeted named account strategy.
Support in building advanced, integrated prospect messaging campaigns.
An up-leveling of your 1st impression meeting with prospects.
Direct input on negotiating and closing large deals.
Mapped out discovery questions.
Advanced strategies, ideas, and concepts to drive innovation and differentiation.
The additional customized input you need to reach your goals.

4.) Cost is $7,500 / OR 6 Installments of $1,350 each